Sára Kele


The SPEKTRUM carpet collection is an exceptionally personal project. It takes the unique perspective of my young son materializing them into contemporary carpets.

As a mother, the existence of my children is the most powerful shaping force for me. Motherhood has called me on a peculiar journey, simultaneously inspiring and full of challenges. The imprints of my older son’s unique worldview have become an integral part of our lives. The patterns of the SPEKTRUM carpets stem from his drawings.

The carpets are crafted in a small hungarian workshop that employs traditional manufacturing techniques. Here the time stands still and the rugs are made with patience and attention to detail. The collection is characterized by experimenting with these traditional methods, such as using different yarn thicknesses and micro-macro patterns, which give the carpets a distinctive character and a special feeling walking them barefoot.

Those carpets are the beginning of a series. There are a lot of ideas under development, different drawings and patterns. The rugs are available in custom sizes and different colors as well.

Want to put it in your project? Get in touch if you wish to have a custom made rug. The rugs are ready for production in a month.

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SPEKTRUM 001 rug

spektrum. picture
spektrum. picture

SPEKTRUM 002 rug

spektrum. picture
spektrum. picture

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