Sára Kele


sarakele studio creates exciting, yet simple and timeless furnitures and interiors - always keeping sustainability in focus. Her experimental, forward-thinking approach goes beyond the visual, exploring new materials and production methods. Localism is a priority, whenever it’s possible she intertwines traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art, innovative techniques. She urges factories to focus on sustainability, and awareness on environmental- and societal effects of production.

• • •

Sára Kele was born in Budapest, Hungary. She studied in Budapest and Rome, and graduated at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2009, with an MA in industrial design engineering. She studied - beyond her primary design studies - architecture, aesthetics and cultural anthropology. This wide range of studies and interests resulted in a complex approach in various fields of design.

A sophisticated approach to sustainability is at the heart of nearly all of her projects. She always keeps usefulness in mind, but her style is characterized by playfulness and kindness, rather than cold minimalism.

Her work so far consists of a colourful spectrum of furnitures, everyday objects, shoes, graphics and interior design projects. Since graduation she's been working as a freelance designer. She's worked in many different team and project structures, workshops, both locally and internationally - for example at the Hiroshi Tsunoda Design Studio in Barcelona; at Artwo Studio in Rome; or with Sausagefence Design Consultancy and Kitchen Budapest in Budapest. In 2015 she co-founded the Fabrika furniture studio in Budapest.

Despite her young age, her work has been extensively recognised and awarded, both locally and internationally. Her thesis project 'BICO' - an urban bike sharing system - won the prestigious Graduation Prize of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineering, and won various awards with the Wally bedside table, including a spot in the Conran Shop's 'Must See Trail' at the 100% Design Show in London. She won with the Nomad project the Laszlo Moholy-Nagy Grant, and in the last years her projects was recognised as a BigSee Wood Design Awards Winner. Her objects have appeared in local and international exhibitions, such as the S/ALON or madeinhungary in Budapest, 100% Design and Tent London in the UK, and the Holon Design Museum in Israel, at the DOK#1 DesignSpot exhibition in Denmark, in DHUB Barcelona, and at the Design Korea Fair in South Korea.