Sára Kele

SAMLi for mer

In our childhood memories a kitchen stool was where a child would sit to eat his lunch or draw on the stool itself while sitting on the floor.  This was also the object where our father would stand while decorating the Christmas tree. These are just a few of the old functions our SAMLI offers with its new funky look. This is the new SAMLI. It is made of steel and walnut wood from the Matras in Hungary.

I've designed this object for the first collection of a new east-central european design company called MER. MER brings traditional everyday objects into contemporary life with the help of talented local designers. Timeless, simple designs and practicality are in the centre of MER's design philosophy.

To get one SAMLI go to MER website.

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SAMLI 1. picture
SAMLI 2. picture
SAMLI 3. picture
photos by: Péter Puklus
SAMLI 4. picture
photo by: Anna Varga

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