Sára Kele

#22 chair

I designed the #22 chair for the 2008 wood-furniture competition held by one of Japan's historic organizations, the IFDA.

My design confronts the traditional rocking-chair concepts with its sleek, very feminine forms. Its sideways-rocking ability is good for the spine, and improves posture. Overturning is blocked by the small wood-pins in the base.

#22 is a modern adaptation of Sori Yanago's butterfly chair - with added rocking functionality.
It is made of bent plywood, which together with the curvy shape makes the subtle suspension possible. Combined with the specially formed pillow, the #22 is a very comfortable seat.

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22chair 1. picture
22chair 2. picture
22chair 3. picture
22chair 4. picture
22chair 5. picture
22chair 6. picture
22chair 7. picture
22chair 8. picture
22chair 9. picture

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